Tips for Playing Bass Guitar for Beginners


Learning bass guitar is actually not too difficult, as long as you are consistent and seriously deal with it, your game skills will further develop. Many bass playing techniques that you must learn, especially for beginners. However, before that, you also need to know a few tips on playing the bass guitar before finally playing a more difficult technique. Taken from several sources, here are some tips on playing bass guitar, especially for beginners so that later they become more proficient in playing it. You can get the most affordable bass guitar for beginners on our website.

1. Learn the basic theory of playing bass
No matter how great you play bass and master a variety of techniques, but you must be able and able to learn basic theory. Basic theories include major and minor scales, major and minor pentatonic, and knowing intervals. Without this basic theory, your bass playing skills will be stuck or stuck. The benefit of learning this basic theory is to be able to play songs on all the keys so that you are more flexible and not rigid when doing jamming or learning a new song.

2. Learn the location of the notes on the fretboard
No less important than the basic theory, learning the location of notes on the bass fretboard is very important for the progress of bass playing skills. Often you kidnap based solely on feeling and don’t know where exactly the tone is. Understanding the location of the notes is important so you can play tones in various fretboard positions. This is important for beginner bass players to be able to play many songs.

3. Play various types of music
Music is very many kinds and types. Especially now that music has many sub-genres making it increasingly difficult to be compartmentalized to a particular genre. You might have several favorite music genres, but it’s a good idea to play various types of music. As a bass player, you must be flexible and understand various types of music. Various music genres have their own techniques and difficulties, if you can play many types of music it will be very useful for the development of bass playing skills.

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