There Are Ways To Prepare Yourself For Learning To Play The Violin

If you are fond of playing a musical instrument, you are advised to play the violin. Therefore, you can try and learn easy ways to learn to play the violin with fun and fun Joe Solo. Thus you will quickly master the techniques in playing the violin, and then you might want to know How to get into the music industry.

The following are some ways to prepare yourself before playing the violin:

How to hold the Violin properly

The first step is learning how to hold the violin. In this case, you should know how to place the violin so it is comfortable, which is placed between your chin and shoulder. That is the first technique you must master before you learn to play the violin.

For those of you who have a short neck, you can use a shoulder rest. This shoulder rest is an additional tool that can help you to play the violin so you can play comfortably.

Holding Bow

There are also rules for holding a bow. There are several things you should pay attention to when you are going to hold a bow. If you have mastered how to hold the violin and are skilled at holding the violin bow then you can start playing the violin.

The next step is rubbing resin on the hairbow. The function is that when you swipe the bow on the violin it can make a sound.

However, you must be careful when rubbing rosin on a hairbow. It is recommended that your hands do not stick to the hair bow, the aim is that the sound of the violin is stable.

When you are going to swipe rosin, it is recommended that you tighten the bow but not tight. If it is too tight it can cause the hairbow to break easily.

Tuning the violin

Like the guitar, to play the violin you have to memorize and master the basic notes. The basic notes of the violin are as follows:

String 1: E

String 2: A

String 3: D

String 4: G

The way to do violin tunning is to swipe the violin using a bow while turning the pegs and fine tuners. In doing tunning you must have mastered how to position the violin before playing.

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