How To Cut Dwelling Time

Dwelling time is the process of container time (imported goods) being unloaded from the ship and will be piled up at a container yard. Therefore, yard management solutions are needed to reduce the duration of dwelling time that could burden manufacturers in terms of cost and time exotrac. The dwelling time has three steps and they are;

– Pre-customs clearance. That is the processing time when containers are unloaded from the ship until the importer submits the Import Declaration to the Customs and inspects the goods.

– Customs clearance. That is the processing time since the document and physical inspection received.

– Post-customs clearance. That is the processing time when payment is made to the port operator until the release of imported goods from the container yard.

There is a dwelling time process that takes a long time which is caused by a lack of coordination and slow work processes in the pre-custom clearance stage and a very complicated bureaucratic chain that makes many importers take care of licensing after the goods are at the port. There is a difference in working hours between the ports operating 24 hours 7 days a week and other agencies operating in the morning until the afternoon 5 days a week. Inadequate port facilities and poor yard management could also increase this risk. The length of dwelling time can have an impact on the loss felt by the community and country, such as losses per year due to poor service conditions, additional costs due to the buildup of old containers at the port, most likely bribery prone happened, the number of illegal fees from unscrupulous elements and decreased logistics performance.

Container yard management is important to cut dwelling time. In maintaining the Yard Occupancy Ratio (YOR) of the terminal, it is necessary to hold a container terminal as a loading and unloading service for goods to and from the ship to summarize the time of loading and unloading of goods at the port. In this regard, improvising performance with the best program should be a priority, which will focus on growth strategies, national connectivity, and global expansion is expected to be able to reduce dwelling time.

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