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When skipping breakfast, people will tend to feel more hungry because of ‘fasting’ longer. As a result, they will be “crazy” during brunch and tend to eat large portions. This makes people who eat brunch become unwise when choosing menus and food portions. As a result, besides increasing body weight, the level of sugar and fat in the body can also increase. You can visit to get the best brunch spot.

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Make sure that you will choose a healthy brunch menu. Actually, brunch may be done. Requirements You must remain wise in arranging portions and menus so that the body remains healthy and the scales do not shift to the right.

Try a little sample
If you want to buy food that is in the store or elsewhere, then try to sample the sample before you buy the food. The tongue can usually feel and distinguish which foods are safe to eat and which foods are not safe. If the food is not safe, it will usually feel sharp on the tongue and the tongue will vibrate and the throat will itch.

Smell the aroma
Before buying food should smell the food first, because to ensure that the food is stale or not. If the food is stale, it is not good to eat anymore because the food has been contaminated with microorganisms that are very harmful to the health of the body.

If you have to brunch, make sure you reduce the food that is too fatty and fried. In addition, also avoid foods that are too sweet and salty. Instead, multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Some examples of menus that are safe to eat during brunch are salads, eggs, low-fat meats, skinless chicken, tofu, tempeh, and fresh fruits. So, healthy or not, brunch goes back to the person who did it. The key is to choose the right portion, with a healthy and balanced nutritional menu.

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